About us

The United Projects and Investment Company (UPIC Global Ltd) is a multinational organisation that operates globally and has experienced Directors with long established expertise in many operational fields including IT, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Marine, Food Sustainability and Oil and Gas.

UPIC Global strives to ensure that all projects are carried out in a fair and considerate manner without prejudice and exploitation at all times.

We work with a wide range of businesses and sectors including power generation, renewable energy (solar, wind and tidal), IT, Seawater agriculture, Desert organic agriculture, Water treatment, Low income and basic housing, Oil and Gas as well as others.

We use our significant global networking skills and business relationships and contacts with our investors, business partners to support our customers and clients to sell projects, obtain RFQ (Request For Quotation), secure business investments and develop new technologies and products for the current and future market.

We provide our services to individual investors, businesses and government states. We connect businesses, customers and investors to discuss business concepts and proposals from their sources to enable them to make commercial decisions/deals.

We can also bring technology closer to our customers and clients by planning and linking their infrastructure, industry, and development projects with their local universities and their state development visions, growth plans and consequently helping to achieve their wider national development and investment goals.

The Home Grown Technology approach we use can help in developing countries to be less reliant on the foreign work force and technology as well as natural resources. Our experts have a thorough understanding of successful growth models and we can work with the government states and stakeholders to mirror and adopt this successfully with the necessary modification to suit their countries with the consideration to the cultural differences.

We do not limit our activities to the industries and areas mentioned here. The philosophy of UPIC Global is to work with suppliers, customers and clients to successfully deliver projects anywhere in the World to bring knowledge, prosperity and profits to all involved.