About us

UPIC Global provides support and guidance, to leading global companies and investors alike, in the execution of sustainability and infrastructure projects.

As agents, facilitators and advisors we don’t simply match developers with funding, we aim to bring together partners with the right synergy, that will lead to longer term relationships.

We have a network of high-profile financiers, programme directors and tender brokers around the world, drawing on  cooperation and expertise from in the fields of Oil & Gas Industry, Power Generation & Renewable Energy, Hydrogen, Water Treatment & Waste Recycling (including Non-Recyclable and Medical Waste) , IT Infrastructure, Ocean & Desert Agriculture.

With a combined industry experience of over six decades in delivering multi-million projects for blue-chip clients, our global team has the strength and credibility to satisfy small to large scale undertakings.

UPIC is strategically located in geographical centers of commerce and innovation and serve clients in the private and governmental sectors alike .

Headquartered in the UK with resources in UK, UAE (Dubai), Oman, Jordan, Brazil, Croatia, Australia & Malaysia work with our global developer and investor partners.